RAW Built Tech Knee Sleeve - 7mm Neoprene (Black)

RAW Built Tech


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      • 1 pair of 2 RAW Built Tech Knee Sleeves
      • Designed with high performing athletes in mind, our new RAW Knee Sleeves provide you with a unique Warming Regenerative Effect, to restore your joints to maximum strength and health.

      • REGENERATIVE EFFECT: You will have stronger and more flexible knees, thanks to the therapeutic massage applied to your knee’s reflex points that helps strengthen your joints. This also reduces your performance-related stress and anxiety. Enjoy your workouts knowing that your knee joints are restored to their maximum potential with reflexology therapy!
      • PAIN RELIEF: Benefit from increased blood flow and enhanced knee therapy to reduce knee pain, fatigue, swelling, and inflammation. You can reap the benefits of pain relief both before and after you work out. Wear them during your workout to get the extra support and stability you need, and wear them after your workout to promote a faster recovery.
      • INJURY PREVENTION: Thanks to the unique pressure element that our  Knee Sleeves provide you with, you will benefit from accelerated recovery which helps reduce the risk of future knee injuries, such as strains and sprains. Your knee joints will be protected and safe from joint damage. Give your knees the therapy they need to de-load, so you won't feel any tension, pain or stiffness.
      • COMFORTABLE FIT: Work out confidently! Thanks to the 100% Neoprene design, you won't have to worry about itching, stiffness, or your knee sleeves slipping off. Whether you spend a lot of time standing or lift heavy weights, you can wear your RAW BUILT Knee Sleeves confidently.

    • All and any indoors or outdoors activities that put stress on your knees. Such as standing for long periods of time, walking, hiking, jogging, workout, cross training, running, cycling, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball and other exercises.
    • MATERIAL: 100% Neoprene


Whether you are currently training to be the next Olympic Body Builder, BEAST Strongman, chiseled Competitive Body Builder, solid Professional Weightlifter, steel eating Powerlifter, versatile Crossfitter, or maybe just the best looking friend of your group, these knee protection sleeves will help improve your workout routine! Use them at the home gym or at the commercial gym and become a Titan among men! (Or a Goddess surrounded by peasants)
FIND US ON AMAZON  with a 30-day 100% MONEY BACK satisfaction guarantee! Buy with confidence!

May your days be filled with happiness and protein, 


Best Support for Fitness Squats, WODs, Powerlifting, Weight Lifting & Crossfit Training - Unisex Compression Sleeve - RAW Built Tech (PAIR of SLEEVES)

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