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  • Our "2 Straps + 1 Clip" kit includes two (2) polyester straps & one (1) snap hook. This is our recommended kit for those looking to improve their battle rope workout. The two strap option allows you to wrap one strap around the battle rope, and one strap around an anchor point. Clip the two straps together and your ready to go! If an eyelet hook is accessible, simply connect the battle rope to the wall with a single strap.
  • **PROTECT YOUR ROPES** Our professional quality straps are triple sewn, and made from strong reinforced polyester webbing 16" long x 1" wide. The special design eliminates the need to wrap your battle rope around objects which can cause friction damage and rope burn. Our strap provides a buffer between the rope and any surface that can cause abrasions, which extends the life of your rope considerably. Let the straps take the damage, they are built to take a beating!
  • **FITS ALMOST ALL BATTLE ROPES** The absolute best use is with battle ropes from 1.5" to 2", but any size will work! The battle rope anchor strap will fit around any anchor 13" or less. For those who have a eyelet hook already installed in their home gym, we offer the "1 Strap + 1 Clip" variation for easy application. Simply wrap your strap around your slam rope, then clip the strap to your eyelet anchor station.
  • **SUPERIOR DESIGN = BETTER RESULTS** Our specially designed anchor kit unlocks the full potential of your rope while protecting your expensive home gym investment. By extending the anchor point away from your anchor, the user is granted for a more free and natural feel for the best possible results! Say goodbye to sloppy reps and say hello to better results!! This is MUST-HAVE for home gyms and commercial gyms alike. Great for Cross Training / Cross fit!
  • **SATISFACTION GUARANTEED** Join over 5,000 satisfied users and - CLICK HERE TO BUY ON AMAZON  - today! Buy Today and try our revolutionary battle rope anchor kit RISK FREE with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee! Our anchor strap has been mentioned in over 20 user blogs. *Still not sold?* These straps are also endorsed by USMC Drill Instructors, Gym Owners and Personal Trainers nationwide! Try yours RISK FREE Today!                                  **Pole & rope NOT included**.


Why Polyester vs Nylon?

Are you the kind of person that takes care of the nice things you have? If yes, you can't be a person that settles. We know you didn't settle on your battle rope, so why settle for anything less for your battle rope anchor kit?

Whether a battle rope is old or brand new, it is going to fray at its anchor point.

That is unless you have an Anchoring Kit!

RAW Built Tech's specially re-designed anchor kit, now made with commercial grade polyester webbing, keeps battle ropes virtually free from wear and tear.

But what is special about polyester webbing vs nylon webbing?


  • Polyester webbing is 5x more resistant to abrasion vs nylon webbing.
  • Polyester webbing has almost TWICE the breaking strength over nylon webbing (3,800 lbs vs 1800 lbs)
  • Polyester webbing has a max working load of 1,250 lbs vs. 750 lbs for most nylon webbing.


- In addition to extending the length of your battle rope by preventing rope fray, battle rope anchor kits help when interval training, primarily in crossfit, where a short setup time is crucial. Spend less time setting up your battle rope with a simplified strap and clip method. When finished, leave the strap on the rope and the anchor strap attached to your anchor. Next workout, simply CLIP and GO!

Shorter set up times increase training results. Spend more time working on your form and slaughtering your workout!

Add the polyester anchor is 5x better at absorbing abrasion* and you have a perfectly executed battle rope anchor strap. Simple initial setup instructions are included. If for any reason you do not like the strap, please return it to us with no repercussions, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What are you waiting for? The best way to see our quality is to see for yourself!

* Compared to battle rope anchor kits that use nylon straps.



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